26 January 2020

Revanche Records Presents:

Lotte Pen at Bridge House Amstelschutsluis

Experience an exclusive musical event on an island in the middle of the Amstel river! Revanche Records presents a unique concert by Lotte Pen in the incredible former bridge keeper’s house that is SWEETS hotel Amstelschutsluis.

A boat will ferry you to this stunning location, where Lotte Pen will take you on a musical pilgrimage. Wearing headphones, you will be treated to a soundscape that is at once dreamy, calm and rhythmic. A sensory massage! Immerse yourself in serenity, follow your intuition and forget about time… join a pilgrimage that will conclude with an intimate live performance by Lotte Pen in bridge house Amstelschutsluis.

Saxophonist Lotte Pen plays contemplative, neo-classical music. She has performed in concert halls in Tokyo, St Petersburg, Jakarta and New York. Her compositions include work for the De Stilte youth dance company and the Tuinfeest literary festival in Deventer. This year she was part of the ‘De Popronde’ travelling pop festival. Her music attracts thousands of listeners per month from all across the world on Spotify.

SWEETS hotel is making bridge house Amstelschutsluis available for this one-time event. The enchanted little bridge house is located on a private island in the middle of the Amstel river, opposite Carré theatre, and is only accessible by boat. So you’ll be ferried to the house by boat before the performance. You will be served a delicious wintery treat.

Note: Due to limited availability, this event will take place at three different times. You can purchase tickets below for a specific time slot. You can only attend the event at the time on your ticket.

(For safety reasons, children under 12 are not allowed. Children aged 12-18 must wear mandatory life vests, which are available on site.)

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