New Cordon Rouge single will give you ‘OOH-LALA’ vibes

Cordon Rouge is releasing their new single ‘Dix-sept Ans Entre Nous’ today, veiling the exact subject in mystery once again. The title is tickling: anyone with a French class or two under the belt understands the huge age difference referenced by Pim and Marg in their new title ‘Dix-sept Ans Entre Nous’.

“We like to sing about unlikely relationships. Our own relationship is far from likely too haha.” But the duo refuses to explain any further. “That is the charm of a lot of French pop songs: not everything is revealed. And yet, just a couple of sentences will give you that ooh-lala feeling.”

A blind date in Paris, spring 2017. The spark immediately blows. The wine flows abundantly that evening, and at the end of the night they and he confess their secret love to each other. That for French pop music in general and Serge Gainsbourg in particular.
Since then, producers Marg van Eenbergen and Pim van de Werken have been working on contemporary chansons: influenced by the French pop of the 60s and 70s, with an electronic approach that betrays that it is now 2018. Sometimes with a wink, never as a parody. Just like Gainsbourg itself.
The two musicians work independently as producers for other artists, but they could not ignore this opportunity to make songs themselves again. Both also sing: crowning and kirring. Alternately in English and French “because sometimes you want to sing about things that you don’t even dare to speak out loud in English.”