Brian Jarvis

“Beautifully Broken” tackles a 2 year period of Brian’s life that included losing his father to cancer, quitting his day job to pursue music full time and personal struggles. “Beautifully Broken” was recorded in New Haven, CT at Sunset Goose Studios (a division of Soundwave), under the guidance of long time Pat Mcgee Band guitarist-turned-producer Brian Fechino. The record features a wide variety of melodic, hooky guitar driven songs including one that was written within 24 hours of Brian’s fathers sudden passing. “The last two years have tested me emotionally and spiritually. My goal when sitting down with Brian Fechino was to create and record honest songs. This album is transparent. I didn’t want the listener to feel as if I was being vague about what I was trying to sing about. I wrote “Beautifully Broken” at the height of my loss. It was strange to write songs about so much of life’s struggles but yet set it to melodies that felt so bright. As I dove into this process I realized even with challenges of everyday lives there is an underlying optimism that hangs over all of it. I feel the themes will connect with the listeners and provide a story for the listener to escape to.”