Cloud Mind is musician/producer Abel de Grefte’s mystical alter ego: bedroom pop sourced from a dark heart.

Previously, the Leeuwarden artist played in The Future’s Dust and he’s currently vocalist/guitarist in Woe Blind Birds. Cloud Mind is an outlet for more personal songs, in which De Grefte explore themes closer to home.

Cloud Mind’s sound is best described as dark indie pop and slowcore, and has been compared to bands like Sparklehorse and Yo La Tengo. In creating his uniquely eclectic sound, De Grefte has also found inspiration in artists such as Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens. 

De Grefte played, recorded and produced his debut EP “Orchid” (release autumn 2020) by himself at his mini-studio in Leeuwarden. The entire EP is reflection of his girlfriend’s dark state of mind.

“I was inspired to cut my first record by the deeply personal conversations I had with my girlfriend about how she experiences the world, as well as the fact that I had set up my own mini-studio. This enabled me to work through my frustration, insecurity and fears in my music. When I listen to the tracks now, I feel the emotions rising up, but also settling again in a good way.”

Cloud Mind performs live with a tight but gritty band, consisting of the best alternative musicians in Friesland.

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