The Dutch pianist and producer Daniël Tomàs (van der Duim) has been one with the piano from an early age since his grandmother’s piano was situated in the living room from the moment he was born.

After studying at the Conservatory Daniël mainly worked as a musician, composer, and producer for multiple pop, jazz, and theater projects, like his jazz-trio: Doppler Trio or his productions for singer ELIËN. But the corona pandemic in 2020 forced him to stop performing and allowed him to focus on one of his biggest dreams: recording a successful solo piano record. For four months in a row, he started every morning with recorded improvisations, followed by writing down and organizing ideas on his childhood piano. It was throughout this process that he rediscovered the beauty of his childhood piano, being combined with felt before the hammers, which gives it an intimate mood. This led to the decision to fully record the piano in the same room as where he spent almost all of his childhood hours studying, resulting in the album:”Pintures”. Pintures is about the power of imagination. Although the music is recorded from an introspective perspective, the effects and vocals are creating a whole new world ‘behind’ the music.

The music can be described as atmospheric, narrative, neoclassical piano music in combination with etheric voices and droning synthesizers.

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