Giovanna Castronari, alias Nari, is a singer-songwriter from Berlin. Listening to Nari’s lyrics, one is surprised to find a 21-year young newcomer, behind this mature introspection and the precise intuition of her observations. A captivating contrast hereto is found in her playful melodies and intimate vocals. This balancing of opposites is present throughout her music and identity — a current discourse between the head and heart. Growing up as the daughter of a jazz musician, Giovanna, was early influenced by genres like Bossa Nova and classical jazz. Later, she found inspiration in old American folk music and female indie voices such as Dillon, Daughter or Norah Jones. Both encouraged her to learn playing the guitar and develop her unique style of music.

Since Nari started writing her own songs at the age of 13, her music has been an important companion while finding her place in this world which can be so puzzling and elusive from time to time. Giovanna further developed her abilities as a songwriter in co-writing sessions and collaborations with the international publisher ‚Budde Music‘. Besides playing in Berlin’s bars and streets, Nari supported various events with her music and has played one of her songs live on air at ‚Radioeins‘ – one of the major radio channels in Berlin. After publishing her debut single ‚Seekers‘ in 2018, she joined the project of the indie-folk musician ‚Unknown Neighbour‘ to gain further experiences in co-writing, recording and playing live. Returning to her own project, Nari is now back with her new single ‚Hearts‘.

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