Nite Kite

From a very young age, Dieter took music lessons and learned to play the piano, accordion, electric guitar and trombone. While his peers listened to pop music, he immersed himself in jazz, classical music and alternative sounds. He internalised influences like Miles Davis and crossover bands such as The Cinematic Orchestra, which would later become building blocks for Dieter’s own, original music.

But nature has also always been a constant driving force. Dieter likes to walk in nature as often as he can. He sees beauty ad hears love everywhere. He is inspired by immense things but even more so by small things, and he is eager to pass this experience on. He wants to inspire people through his music, but not just in a musical sense. He wants to encourage people to see and do things that will enrich their lives.

That, in a nutshell, is Nite Kite’s mission. Dieter composed, recorded and mixed all the music for the project himself. More than that: in order to record his songs as perfectly as possible, he took a course in sound engineering at Amsterdam’s prestigious Abbey Road Institute. And nowadays he is based in the Netherlands himself too.Nite Kite’s music sits somewhere in the twilight zone between acoustic and electric. It sounds like an encounter between Trentemøller, The Cinematic Orchestra, Nils Frahm and Philip Glass, and so it can’t be pigeonholed. Think: small, serene, romantic, introverted, melancholy, minimalist, instrumental, cinematic, experimental, organic… But you can call it neoclassical too, if that helps.