A life in the music industry can be a roller coaster ride and a test of resilience and self-belief. For singer-songwriter Stef Classens, he has come back from the brink of adversity several times in his career and is now ready once again to be the superstar that he was always destined to be.

After taking out the top prize on TV show, ‘De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland’, the burden of the talent quest and being in the spotlight so young, brought its own distinct pressures. Needing to take a break from the industry, it was not until 2020 that he took another tilt at fame and fortune by appearing on ‘The Voice’ and becoming a celebrated runner up.

Moving to Amsterdam, he worked with Mesto, Mike Williams, and Justin Mylo on their songs which have appeared on labels such as Armada, Spinnin’ Records, Sony Germany, STMPD Records, and various others. His wonderful ballads and pop sensibilities are all embraced by a sublime ethereal voice accompanied by lyrical content that can break hearts and soothe souls. That should have been the new beginning of a brilliant career for the talented multi-instrumentalist as he strode the national stage.

However, as the pandemic stopped the world in its tracks, it also delayed his meteoric rise to the top until right now. 2021 has been the year where Stef has released a whole swag of singles and an EP titled ‘songs we wrote together’. The effortless complex melodies crafted around authentic and original songwriting are a testament to his wonderful abilities and his career is set to soar to new heights as he is about to drop new music!

Join Stef on his path to the future and discover a world you never new existed. As the name alludes to, he is all class.

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