Unknown Neighbour gets attention with new single “Home”

“Home“ is the title of Unknown Neighbour’s new single which will release tomorrow. The British website “Folk Radio” will premiere the song with the beautiful video for it today.

The lyrics of “Home” are about the home you build on your own, no matter where you come from. Being asked about the story behind the song, the artist said:
“I wrote this song a while ago and I think it’s my most intimate one. The lyrics kind of summarize my music – my songs, my message, my artist name – but also me as a person. Writing, producing and performing “Home“ has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a pile of hope for those who always had a room but no home. Music gives me so much strength and I hope that this song will do the same for some of you!“

Although playing the piano since his early childhood, it took some time for the German singer-songwriter Sascha Zemke alias Unknown Neighbour to find the right framework for his music. Music had always been an important companion for him, an intimate place of refuge in both, rough and euphoric times. Through writing songs, the folk artist and multi-instrumentalist has found a language to express his intuition and unite his creative abilities. Influences such as Bear’s Den, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, Mandolin Orange or Alexi Murdoch, deepened his passion for folk music and encouraged him to auto-didactically learn to play the guitar and banjo. Soon his natural urge to create songs turned into a vocation. 

Unknown Neighbour’s debut single „Little Boy“ was released in 2016. Already his second single „You And Me“ was played in international advertising campaigns and lead to a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Since then, Sascha developed his skills through co-writing and producing other artists. Fully returning to his solo project, Unknown Neighbour released his first EP in 2018, followed by two further singles. Being supported by a small and loyal team, Sascha managed to gain great attention in the indie-folk scene, including a few million streams on Spotify, SoundCloud and Co., while staying highly independent in his work.

His lyrics are characterized by a radical honesty which liberates from self-delusion and superficiality. Soulful, catchy melodies combined with Sascha’s raspy voice invite for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, disclosing the beauty and pain that lie in every experience we make. Unknown Neighbour’s unique style of banjo playing and his production experience complete the magic of his songs.