Watt White hitting Europe with Knuckle Up release

The lead single “Knuckle Up” from Watt White’s new EP is the perfect hype song. Imagine walking up to “the ring” of whatever it is you do best. Now’s the time – it’s on. Knuckle up. Revanche Records signs deal with Riptide Music Group to release Watt White’s new single in Europe. 

Watt White about the song: “Knuckle Up is a relentless, all-or-nothing post-rock knockout punch designed to put you through your paces and send you into the ring feeling invincible.“

At least 70 million views on YouTube, previous hit “Eye of the Storm” now just short of 18 million on Spotify, and Watt’s Monthly Listeners on Spotify went up 65k last month to 460,000 so his popularity is increasing. Featured on Spotify’s “Rock Your Body”, “Rock Rotation”, and “Volume” playlists. Watt’s music has been used to promote multiple sporting events including hockey, UFC, and NASCAR. The new single Knuckle Up is out now. 

WATT WHITE is a multi-talented Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Producer based in New York City. As leader of NYC Punk-Metal band The SmashUp, he toured the US, Canada and UK with Megadeth, Deftones, and the full Vans Warped Tour, logging 30,000 road miles and earning fans nationwide as well as video play for his self-directed video “No Name” on MTV and FUSE.

While on the road Watt recorded a comedy EP featuring the internet hit “Take Off Your T-Shirt If You Can’t Name A Song By The Band That’s On It”, which has earned a combined 200,000 plays on YouTube and FunnyOrDie–and counting.

Watt’s acclaimed solo rock EP “Dare Anything” won him the 2008 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Abe Olman Scholarship Award for “Impossible”, and tracks “Bullet”, “Beat You” and “Times That Try” have appeared on ESPN, NBC’s The Biggest Loser, MTV’s Road Rules/Real World/Keeping Up With The Kardashians, dozens of national TV commercials and many more.